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Toni DDD Ltd. is a pest control organization based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We operate in the vicinity of Plovdiv and Pazardzhik. Our company is licensed by the Ministry of Health and we provide disinfection, disinsection and deratization services. We always use the highest quality biocides on the market and thus we guarantee the high quality of our service. For more information about our services you can either scroll down the page or contact us.


Pest control services and prices

Cockroach control

You want to get rid of the cockroaches? With one visit only we can solve the problem. We use high-class biocides that have more than one active substance with continuous action. This way we will kill the cockroaches immediately and also your place will be protected for future.

Treatment of 1 home (up to 100 sq.m.)55.00 BGN
Treatment of 2-5 homes (each up to 100 sq.m.) 50.00 BGN
Treatment of 6+ homes (each up to 100 sq.m.) 45.00 BGN
Treatment of a basement and stairs (in a building up to 8 fl. high)95.00 BGN

Flea control

Fleas could be a very serious problem in our homes and they also multiply very fast.  If you see fleas, we are the ones to call. We will spray the floor area inlcuding the walls up to 1 meter height. The first visit could solve your problem, but remember that second treatment is often needed when we talk about fleas. If a second visit is needed it should be no later that 14 days after the first one.

Treatment of 1 home (up to 100 sq.m.) 65.00 BGN
Treatment of a basement and stairs (in a building up to 8 fl. high) 95.00 BGN

Tick control

Ticks could be very dangerous for people. They are a very common pest in Bulgaria especially from April onwards. Our tick control service is very efficient and one visit is enough if you call us on time. We treat yards with an automated sprayer machine with very high pressure.

Treatment of area up to 1 decare (minimum price) 95.00 BGN
Price for each next decare25.00 BGN

Ant control

Ants can take over an area very quickly. We offer efficient treatment against them with innovative biocide. It can be both sprayed or sprinkled. You have to clearly indicate the ploblem places before our visit.

Treatment of 1 home (up to 100 sq.m.) 55.00 BGN

Fly control

We use biocide that contains attractants and sexual pheromone. We apply the biocide on surfaces where flies often land thus they find the poison very quickly and in few minutes they fall on the ground. The poisonous points will work for a month or even more. Normally two treatments within three months during the summer are enough.

Treatment of 1 home (up to 100 sq.m.) 65.00 BGN

Rat control

Mice and rats can multiply and get out of control fast. Let us get rid of your rats. We use world-class rodenticides. They are slow-acting which ensures that all the rats will eat the poison without suspecting it is a poison. Normally they die in 72 hours. We apply the rodenticides on places where the human access is limited.

Treatment of 1 home (up to 100 sq.m.) 55.00 BGN
Treatment of a basement (in a building up to 8 fl. high) 65.00 BGN

Snake repelling

Snakes are so scary and we know that. This is why we want to keep them away from people. We don’t kill or catch them, so we can’t help you if they are already inside your place, but we can help you with the prevention. We use efficient repellent against snakes and some other reptiles. We apply it around your place. The smell of the repellent is not unpleasant for people, but is irritating for the reptiles. This is why they will stay away for at least 10 or 15 days.

Barrier treatment of 100 linear meters55.00 BGN

Mole repelling

Whether you want to keep moles from entering your yard or drive them out, an effective mole repellent is the best solution for you. We have one and we know how to apply it. This is why we can help you get rid of the moles with just one visit.

Treatment of up to 15 holes55.00 BGN

For your business

All food releated businesses in Bulgaria are obligated to have contract for pest control services (disinfection, disinsection and deratization). This is one of the requirements imposed by the Bulgarian food safety agency.
Toni DDD Ltd. has long-time experience in serving businesses like restaurants, hotels, cafés, shops, pavilions, warehouses, factories, etc.

The prices of our pest control services for your business depends on many factors. If you want to get an offer you can simply call us and we will come to your place to look it over. We can tell you the price and the frequency of treatments at the same day. Furthermore we can do the first treatment and issue the sanitary documents you need on the same day.

Our mission is to keep your place pest free. In your contract we will include treatments against all common pests in Bulgaria. We do the treatments discreetly and at a convenient time depending on your business.

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